Many businesses have one or more legacy systems, which they depend on to manage their day-to-day operations. Legacy in this context means they have not been designed with integration to other systems or remote users in mind. The sharing of information on such systems or between different isolated systems may involve exporting data or the re-keying of data.

The core strengths within InterClay include the versatility and integration adaptability through development. Unlike competitors InterClay doesn't limit solutions to a single development platform thus making the company a true IT service asset. Some examples of diversity in development include experienced solutions.

  • Microsoft-based tools
  • Linux-based tools
  • Oracle solutions
  • SAP & ABAP

InterClay can provide solutions for a wide range of data sources such as relational databases, mainframe, EDI, proprietary or package based systems on one or more hosts using standard communication and terminal emulation protocols.

Direct Database Access
InterClay can leverage legacy assets by accessing in-house databases evaluating both integrity and security of data.

Transaction Wrapping
InterClay may provides a mechanism to reuse application functionality directly - if the application has been built as a set of modular programs or modules.

Application Wrapping
InterClay may also wrap existing legacy systems by emulating how the systems are currently used by programmatic means. By employing 'screen scraping' or similar data collection techniques this approach can record users interaction with legacy sessions.

"Interclay delivered what I asked for, but further as we progressed through the development they were able to easily adopt additional change requests that has provided in the end, even more than I imagined could be done. My compliments to the ability and creativity of Interclay for a job well done."

Kevin Gyland
Furst-McNess Company

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