Honeywell HR Solution Implemented
InterClay implements HRIS Solution To Help Honeywell Manage Employee Data

Freeport, Illinois (October 10, 2000) - InterClay, LLC, an Illinois-based IT services firm focused on the development of manageable software applications, today announced the completion of the HRIS (Human Resources Information Toolkit) for their client the Honeywell Corporation. The HRIS system is comprised of a browser-based application to compliment the Honeywell Human Resources Project enhancing employee management services. Honeywell leveraged InterClay's expertise in the development and integration of browser-based applications to fulfill the project.

According to Dave Rappuhn, organizational development specialist for Honeywell, the system basically pulls together a great deal of information pertinent to performance appraisals; pay tables, human resource guides, etc.; and makes them more readily available on the computer for managers to use.

"The system InterClay designed pulls all that stuff together," Rappuhn said. "It pulls from a variety of information and displays it just when you need it to, to do the job."

With the new system in place, Rappuhn added the time it takes for managers to complete performance reviews has been cut in half. It has also cut in half the amount of late reviews, as the software has a warning system reminding managers to complete the work. In addition, the reviews are now much more accurate and of greater quality.

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Interclay, LLC, is an Illinois-based IT services firm focused on the development of manageable software applications. If you have a media or press related question please feel free to email inquiries to Clint Symons at or call 815.233-5300.

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