ENCompass Enhances Functionality
InterClay Adds Enhancements to Human-Health Services Delivery Application

Freeport, Illinois (July 27, 2002) - InterClay, LLC, an Illinois-based IT services firm focused on the development of manageable software applications, today announced the re-release of their Human Services Solution for Northern Illinois - ENCompass Central. ENCompass Central is a web-based system that combines four of the most important facets of the human service delivery system - A Service Directory, Client Referrals, Coordinated Service Plan and Tracking, and Community Data Collection. Each builds on the components of the previous system to create a comprehensive information, referral, case management, and data collection system for service providers and the general population.

The system was created to improve the ability of health, education and human service agencies in Northwest Illinois to accomplish their missions and positively impact people's lives by providing for an effective, efficient, and coordinated communication system. Because this system is web-based, the data contained is real-time - no need to wait for data replication through cumbersome and expensive LAN connections.

"The system is in ongoing development stages," explained Clint Symons, project manager for InterClay, LLC. "By working closely with local community members in the human health services industry, including the United Way, InterClay will continue developing a centric tool for non-profit agencies."

You can learn more of the ENCompass Central solution by visiting the service on the web at http://www.encompasscentral.com and http://www.encompass-nwil.com.

About Interclay, LLC
Interclay, LLC, is an Illinois-based IT services firm focused on the development of manageable software applications. If you have a media or press related question please feel free to email inquiries to Clint Symons at clint.symons@interclay.com or call 815.233-5300.

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